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Evans Family Paternity Fraud Update: When Will The Fraud End?

Dear Fellow Citizens, 

I have fought endlessly for the last three years to change the Washington laws under RCW 26.26 that currently hold my husband hostage to pay child support for paternity based on a lie.

 Those that have fought with me know the very real struggles I have faced, and the significant progress that has been made not only by my work, but those who were there every step of the way. 

My family has suffered greatly at my pursuit of legislative changes. Countless hours spent writing, emailing and calling people, is time I have lost of my children's developmental years. My husband has taken time off work in order to attend Legislative hearings and to help watch our three children while I attended lobby appointments and a rally last year trying to bring awareness to this issue.

 None of us can regain the time, energy and money lost to this pursuit of freedom. I can never get back these many years lost and I can never forgive the people who have done their part to perpetuate this crime against my family. The losses we have endured is second only to the death of a loved one. 

Although the many losses have piled up over the past few years, there have been many positive rewards and changes....
The truth is my life has changed so much over the past three years that the woman I once was, is hardly recognizable.

At the end of my second failed attempt at Legislative reform during the winter of 2015, I decided the only way to do things was to do it myself.  I decided to start going to every political party meet up I could, in order to spread awareness and educate citizens on what strangely appeared to be an "unknown" subject.

 I began frequenting my local Kitsap Tea Party, Libertarian and Republican party monthly meetings and spoke to everyone I could about Paternity Fraud.  
In April of 2015 I applied for and was appointed Republican Precinct Committee Officer of my local precinct, shortly followed by my filing candidacy to run for Bremerton School Board Director Position 1.

 On November 3, 2015 I won the election with 64% of the vote, and was sworn into office on December 10th, 2015, with my husband, children and many new friends in supportive presence of this accomplishment.

Over the last twelve months of 2016 I have fought for Parents and Children's rights as a School Board Director, I was appointed to the Kitsap County Republican Party Executive Board as the Operations Chair and PCO Coordinator, I hosted a "Stop Paternity Fraud Rally" in January 2016, and fought for my third year of Legislation  titled "The Brandon Jones Act".

  I worked on the Kitsap County Resolutions Committee in the Spring of 2016 and authored the first ever "Stop Paternity Fraud" Resolution that was adopted at the County Convention, and attended the Republican State Convention in Pasco, WA as an elected Delegate. 

My life has pretty much turned into a hurricane of events and "to-do's" with the stress and strain of balancing life as a home schooling mother, wife, political activist, and elected official spinning me in every direction except... Freedom from Paternity Fraud.

After all that has transpired and considering the fact that my husband's non genetic child will be turning 18 years old in April 2017, I had considered taking a break from my legislative pursuit to Stop Paternity Fraud.

So much has taken its toll on my marriage, family and emotional health and at the end of the day, I just want this issue to be over for our family.  I am sick of thinking about it... worrying and feeling depressed about the many ways Paternity Fraud has and continues to impact my daily home life, but the reality is that it is not over and may not be over for another three years if the child's mother gets her way.

Many people first have no idea what paternity fraud is, or how it is perpetuated and supported by current laws, and even those who have an idea or may be victims themselves do not always run into the issue that we are about to face... the final count down and a potentially new chapter of fraud.

Regardless of the fact that my husband's non genetic child will turn the "age of majority" in mid April 2017, there is this little legal hiccup within the current child support order under section 3.13 which reads-

Termination of Support- Support shall be paid:
"Until the child(ren) reach(es) the age of 18 or as long as the child(ren) remain(s) enrolled in high school, whichever occurs last, except as otherwise provided below in paragraph 3.14"

Paragraph 3.14 Post Secondary Educational Support
"The right to request post secondary support is reserved, provided that the right is exercised before support terminates as set forth in paragraph 3.13"

How do these two paragraphs within a support order impact my family?

My husbands non genetic child has refused to visit or be included in our lives since May 2012. Regardless of a current Parenting Plan that gives my husband joint decision making on issues such as education, religion and health care... He has been shut out of these decisions  because of the child and mother's wishes, with the exception of requesting the child's report cards from the school she attended.  We continued to receive quarterly report cards throughout the child's Freshman year in High School (2013-14) however did not receive any report cards for her Sophomore year (2014-15).  I did not catch this until a year later in January 2016, at which point I contacted the child's last known school and discovered she had been moved to a different school.  The newest school then reported that she had been withdrawn completely in January 2015 as the mother had filed an "Intent to Home School" form as a means of getting truancy charges dropped that the school had begun against the child in October 2014 for missing 98% of school.

So in short my husband's non genetic child was allowed to miss the majority of her Freshman year and half of her Sophomore year of school, ending in Truancy charges under the "Becca Bill"  being filed by Bellevue School District and the Mother subsequently deciding to pull the child from school to get the charges dropped.

In Washington State a child at the age of 16, and with a parents permission may withdraw from school if they are gainfully employed, or "drop out to work". RCW 28A.225.010(1)(f)(i)

 I believe this is what actually happened, even if the last notes on the child's file say that she would be "home schooled" by her grandparents in Twisp for two weeks per month.  The best part of this school file notes that the last meeting in which the child was finally withdrawn, shows the signatures and names of those in attendance.  The "grandfather" in attendance (who was mentioned as participating in the home schooling in Twisp), was that of my husband's step father.  Yes, you read that right... My husband's own mother and step father have secretly helped perpetuate the withdrawal of the child from school in January 2015, while succinctly telling my husband that they had little to no contact with the child and mother.

Recently, we have discover new details regarding the child.  In mid August my husband's mother allowed the mother and child to move into her home in Carlton, Washington. The child is now enrolled in an alternative school, she has absolutely no records of being educated for the past year and a half, the mother is unemployed, and we have no real idea what the mother's plan is other than to guess that she has moved half way across the state and enrolled the child ( who should be a senior this year, however only has 3.5 credits of the 24 required to graduate) back into school in order to pave the way to extending child support to the age of 21, or as long as possible.

In Washington State a child may legally attend public school until the age of 21 under certain circumstances such as special education needs/deficits. 

The child used to have a learning deficit with Reading Comprehension until her last evaluation in January 2015 (right before the mother pulled her out of school), however the last evaluation showed that she no longer qualified for services under the prior deficit and that she was in fact performing at grade level, but was then qualified for services under "behavioral" needs that were reported only by the mother and child. 

Those behavioral needs were that of depression and anxiety; reported as so severe that they prevented the child from attending school on a regular basis and thus justified her pattern truancy. Within this report, the school district admits that they had attempted on several occasions to obtain medical verification through records for the child, however were never able to obtain those, and were only able to substantiate this newly diagnosed "behavioral" IEP on questions answered by the mother and child (who most certainly would never lie on a questionnaire).

This new "behavioral needs" education plan, along with the child's lack of credits to graduate, is what could lead to my husband's requirement to pay support possibly until the child is 21 years old, unless he goes back to court to modify the support order to stop on the child's 18th birthday.

Given these new circumstances, that is exactly what we are doing. As much as we have hated the thought of returning to family court, and have in fact "boycotted" family court since 2012, it is our only chance at finding freedom from Paternity Fraud at this point in time.

I have not given up the fight for legislative reform, and will have new versions of legislation introduced in the House and Senate, that I would still appreciate your help and support with.

Due to this recent turn of events, I recently decided to resign from the Kitsap County Republican Executive Board in order to focus my attention on my children, our new family court case, my school board position, and upcoming 2017 Legislative session.  I realized recently that I was spreading myself too thin and needed to refocus for this final push to stop the woman who has created hell in my family's lives for the past thirteen years.

I would like to apologize to those I may have let down in my local Republican Party, and hope that they understand that this was the best decision I could make for myself and family at this point in time. 

My family has set up a "Go Fund Me" account asking for help to pay for an attorney in this paramount fight for our freedom.Although I have helped study for my husband's legal arguments and acted as his secretary in the past, we both realize that my husband needs professional help when it comes to presenting his case in court.  If you are so inclined to help, you can donate here:
 Evans Family Paternity Fraud Fund

Update: On December 9th, 2016 my husband's "Defrauder" was served a Summons and Petition to Modify Child Support. She has until December 31st to respond to the petition.
And so it begins...

I will keep you all updated on the case, and on the upcoming filing of new Legislation to #STOPPATERNITYFRAUD

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

God Bless,
Naomi Evans and Family

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